A New History of the Double Bass


Cover After 25 years of research and focused thinking, a definitive picture of the general history of the double bass has emerged. The most thorough study of double bass history to date, A New History of the Double Bass presents my new findings in a well-organised, highly readable fashion. Posing a significant challenge to inherited ideas, this beautiful, copiously illustrated volume opens a new era of double bass knowledge.
This book is a must for all double bassists, and well worth having for anyone with more than a passing curiosity about the orchestra and its history.

January 2000
Hard cover, 336 pages.
Dimensions (in cm) : 17 x 24,7
Weight : 790 grams.
ISBN 2-9514461-0-1.
With 58 illustrations and numerous musical examples.
In English.



Award from the International Society of Bassists

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Madeleine Crouch,
General Manager, ISB"



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A New History of the Double Bass has been cited in The Infography as one of the six superlative sources of information about the subject of "Double Bass -- Classical."
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Comments & Reviews


"Your fabulous book arrived today ! Thank you very very much for this superb product of your hard work and great intelligence. I congratulate you on a job extremely well done. Please accept a token of my respect and admiration of your brilliant work."

Gary Karr


"A substantial volume which must take its place as one of the most important and comprehensive works on the subject... a must for the library of every serious bassist."

Thomas Martin, Double Bassist, Number 13, Summer 2000, pp.80/81


"What I like best about your book is that you have set out the history as is relates to efforts towards obtaining the contra 'C'. This really makes sense to me."

Joël Quarrington


"There is regrettably a scarcity of scholarly books concerning the double bass, so when a new volume appears, it deserves the careful attention of bassists everywhere. Happily, Paul Brun does not disappoint with his latest updated tome, A New History of the Double Bass. (...) This book is a must for bassists. While many of his views will continue to be debated for years to come, it is heartening to see these issues addressed in a serious and scholarly manner. "

Michael Cameron, Bass World , Summer 2000, Volume XXIV #1, p.59.


"An important new volume, one that deserves a place in every bassist's library."

M.C, American String Teacher , Nov. 2000, pp.99-100.


"The text and bibliography of Brun's most recent essay attest to his extensive and thorough scholarship in preparing this work.(...) The most interesting part of this book are the biographical entries, especially those on Giovanni Bottesini and Domenico Dragonetti - these two accounts are the most extensive and detailed I have ever encountered on the famous masters."

Mark Morton, Strings , Nov. Dec. 2000, pp.84-86.


"I've just finally received a copy of your book - and I absolutely love it! I wish I'd known about it earlier! I don't know how many times people have emailed, asked, written or telephoned me with a question about the origins of the bass. What an essential resource for every bassist to have - TRULY."

Paul Bresciani